Be yourself.

Hi, everyone. This is the homepage of Sean Yan. Over the past 25 years, I alwsys think that being yourself is the cool thing worth you to do. Take a trip when you're young. Learn more when you're young. Be yourself when you're young.

Ten thousand people have ten thousand different Hamlet, this is a problem, there is no fixed answer everyone has their own dream. My dream is to be a hacker, the guy who searching for new technologies. So that, my ideal job may be engineer, game developer, science researcher.

In reality, I'm an Back-End Engineer. My work experience and skills list are as follows. If you interested in me. Contact me with the following e-mail address ( ).

201808, Shanghai




编号 公司 时间
1 上海联栈信息科技有限公司 2016.03 - 2017.06(实2016.11)
2 上海问慧信息科技有限公司 2017.06 - 2018.08
编号 项目内容 项目时间
1 微服务(Kulm)-Dubbo 2016.03-2016.12
2 项目自动化构建(Jenkins) 2016.06-2016.07
3 公司网站&发布 2016.07-2016.08
编号 项目内容 项目时间
1 事件通(1期-中原银行) 2016.11-2017.04
2 事件通(2期-招商银行) 2017.04-2017.11
3 事件通(3期-太平洋保险-上海) 2017.11-2018.08
4 公司网站&发布 2016.10-2016.11
5 项目自动化构建(Jenkins) 2017.03-2017.04